Specialised CRM

We all know the key to customer loyalty and retention is in relationships. This is why we have designed Opmetrix so that your field teams can access information offline, with complete access to customer call notes, contacts, photos, sales history and current opportunities.

Opmetrix empowers your field team with all the information they need to focus on selling and exceeding targets.

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Call Notes and Contacts

Recording call notes is quick and easy in Opmetrix. Call notes can be used to record visits, capture product feedback, track issues and requests. All contacts are in one place and linked to call note history.
photo capture
Photo capture and history

Attach multiple photos to call notes and review history at any time.

Escalate and Action

Escalate call notes by email for immediate action and tag them for next visit follow ups.

Tasks and Auditing

Opmetrix includes comprehensive task management features including a built-in task list which ensures your team action all tasks and capture critical business data on every visit.


Powerful surveys deliver key insights. Create targeted surveys that can include multiple question types, photos, electronic signatures and conditional questions.

objectives and goals
Objectives & Goals

Set tasks with due dates for actions to be completed. Create and monitor business goals that can be targeted by channel, territory and team members.

Document Management

Upload and distribute key collateral including brochures, spreadsheets, planograms and videos for the team to access in the field.
works offline
Works Offline

Access documents anytime, anywhere even without an internet connection.

filter docs
Filter and Expire Docs

Target document access to channels and territories. Set auto expiry dates based on promotional cycles and other key dates.


The Perfect Store Call

professional service Professional Service Every staff member has access to customer notes ensuring all interactions are professional.
aactionable insights Actionable Insights Customer requests and queries can be actioned promptly with the tap of a button. Information sharing between head office and the field team is easy with Opmetrix.
happy customers Happy Customers Customers buy more from teams they can trust. Information builds trust.

Customer Testimonials

One platform to drive field team success with 360-degree client engagement while
supporting sales managers to increase productivity, enhance communication and improve visibility.

Evan Grant Divisional Manager – Insights & Analytics
"Smooth transition of our sales team into the Opmetrix platform, with plenty of two-way communication and support from the crew."
Federal Merchants
Grace Kronfield Brand Manager
"Opmetrix  has been a key resource for gaining data and insight for our business. It has allowed us to easily gather important trade information that we can then use to implement informed and targeted strategies. The ease of use whilst in trade visits has made this a must have tool for our field team."
Ben Dutton Co-Founder
"Our reps love the user interface and simplicity of Opmetrix. Experienced reps who have worked with many platforms over the years have said it’s easily the best sales platform they have ever worked with. It’s elegant and functional, a difficult combination to get right!"

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