Configurable Dashboards and Power BI

Create stunning reports and dashboards to analyse data with Opmetrix. Leverage your custom business analytics to drive performance and share dashboards with management and brand principals.

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Rep and Management Dashboards

Create a Data-Driven culture with business intelligence for all. Enable your organisation to make confident decisions using up-to-the-minute analytics with Opmetrix dashboards.
rep dashboards
Rep Dashboards

Give reps the power to monitor their performance against business and customer KPI's.

management dashbaords
Management Dashboards

A full suite of configurable dashboards for sales, merchandising and activities in the field.

Report Sharing

Create sets of reports to share with brand principals and key stakeholders.

management op

Use your data to drive positive business outcomes by focusing on key reporting metrics.

brand principles
Brand Principals

Provide transparent and up to date reporting to give your brand principals confidence and certainty of their representation in store.

Combine Multiple Data Sources using Power BI

Many ERP systems and applications work with Power BI. Combining Opmetrix CRM activity and sales data with ERP solutions enables dynamic analysis.
external data
Combine External Data

Add external scan data, budgets and sales data to report and analyse the key drivers in your business.

go further
Go Further

Develop reports in-house or outsource to third-party Power BI specialists to create custom reporting dashboard and data connections.


Create a data driven culture

interactive reporting Interactive Reporting Utilise Power BI’s interactive and flexible options to drill down and provide deeper analysis.
data feed Data Feed Opmetrix CRM’s OData feed provides flexibly for integration with Power BI and other external analytics tools.
brand activity Brand Activity Tracking Deliver value to your brand principals by utilising live data feeds. Provide certainty of your team's activity in store.

Customer Testimonials

One platform to drive field team success with 360-degree client engagement while
supporting sales managers to increase productivity, enhance communication and improve visibility.

Evan Grant Divisional Manager – Insights & Analytics
"Smooth transition of our sales team into the Opmetrix platform, with plenty of two-way communication and support from the crew."
Federal Merchants
Grace Kronfield Brand Manager
"Opmetrix  has been a key resource for gaining data and insight for our business. It has allowed us to easily gather important trade information that we can then use to implement informed and targeted strategies. The ease of use whilst in trade visits has made this a must have tool for our field team."
Ben Dutton Co-Founder
"Our reps love the user interface and simplicity of Opmetrix. Experienced reps who have worked with many platforms over the years have said it’s easily the best sales platform they have ever worked with. It’s elegant and functional, a difficult combination to get right!"

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