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Bring your B2B commerce strategy to life with our world-class sales solutions

What is omnichannel commerce?

Deeply integrated Single channel The traditional model in which a customer interacts with just one touchpoint, be it a retail shopfront, a sales rep, or an online catalogue.
Faster order-to-cash Multi-channel Offers additional touchpoints for the customer to engage – in person, on a website, or a mobile app. These channels all represent the brand, but act independently and don’t ‘talk’ to each other.
Multiple channels Omnichannel Puts the customer at the heart of the model. Customer data is integrated between internal systems, constantly syncing and connected. This allows the customer to experience the brand as a unified whole, rather than disparate channels.

While the omnichannel approach is not new to B2C retail, it is also fast becoming an important B2B strategy.

Omnichannel embraces a customer-centric view of the world - critical when competing on today's Customer Experience playing field.

“The Commerce Vision platform has allowed us to transact with our customers in a manner that sets us apart. None of our competitors can offer or do what we can do.

Quite simply, Commerce Vision make us look good.”

Sean Toms CIO Henry Schein Halas

Our integrated B2B solutions

Commerce Vision solutions allow you to meet your customers where they are, giving them a cohesive experience as they engage with your business - across multiple channels.

Wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and retailers all service a broad range of customers and must adapt to the preferred ordering style of each segment:

Commerce Vision solutions were built to help companies like yours service every customer, in every channel, seamlessly.

With deep ERP and system integration tying everything together, our world-class platforms are flexible enough to support your business, and powerful enough to transform it.

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