In-field Sales Automation

Opmetrix allows field users to efficiently process transactions along with options to include route invoice sales and orders, indent orders, credits and returns, quotes, display bookings and more.

With both online and offline capability, Opmetrix instantly delivers all the selling features of your ERP, including accurate pricing, stock on hand levels, sales templates, kitsets and access to customer sales history.

Give your team the data to sell more.

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Transactions Integrated to Your ERP

Opmetrix mirrors your ERP’s data, displaying products, pricing and stock levels. Eliminate double handling by importing transactions directly into your ERP.
barcode scanning
Barcode Scanning

Support for Bluetooth barcode scanners enabling faster selling.

signature copy
Signature Capture

Sign on glass signatures are stored for all transaction types.

Online Payment Gateway

Improve cashflow by taking payment on the spot. With support for multiple credit card types and cash, Opmetrix offers daily payment summary reports for each team member.
credit card
Credit Card Payment

Scan credit cards with the inbuilt camera and finalise payment in-store.

cash only
Cash only customers

Set cash only or pay later flags along with stop credit alerts.

Product Image Catalogues

Sell products directly from the onscreen image catalogue.  An interactive way to present new products and share the sales process with your customers.
multi image
Multi Image

Add multiple images per product and add additional custom fields with product information.

Presentation View

Utilise the large presentation mode to highlight and sell new product lines.


Sell More

erp ERP Integration Opmetrix has standard integration to major accounting systems.
promote products Promote Products Create sales templates and kitsets to highlight and promote key product ranges and new product lines.
automate workflows Automate Workflow Automate transaction processing to minimise delivery times.

Customer Testimonials

One platform to drive field team success with 360-degree client engagement while
supporting sales managers to increase productivity, enhance communication and improve visibility.

Evan Grant Divisional Manager – Insights & Analytics
"Smooth transition of our sales team into the Opmetrix platform, with plenty of two-way communication and support from the crew."
Federal Merchants
Grace Kronfield Brand Manager
"Opmetrix  has been a key resource for gaining data and insight for our business. It has allowed us to easily gather important trade information that we can then use to implement informed and targeted strategies. The ease of use whilst in trade visits has made this a must have tool for our field team."
Ben Dutton Co-Founder
"Our reps love the user interface and simplicity of Opmetrix. Experienced reps who have worked with many platforms over the years have said it’s easily the best sales platform they have ever worked with. It’s elegant and functional, a difficult combination to get right!"

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