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eCommerce for Medical & Dental Suppliers

Industry Challenges call for Digital Solutions

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With an ageing population in Australia and global pandemics an everyday reality, the healthcare industry is under increasing pressure.

Today's Medical & Dental Supply distributors face growing corporatisation, a transforming workforce, and complex ecommerce requirements across multiple customer segments and disciplines. 

Australian Medical & Dental distributors play a critical role in the overall provision of  healthcare - the digital solutions they rely on need to be 100% fit for purpose.

Commerce Vision deliver those solutions. 

Current Reality for Healthcare Distributors

Beyond the everyday challenges of wholesale distribution, Medical & Dental suppliers today also must solve for:

All-in-one solution Increased corporatisation Mergers & acquisitions are creating a corporate landscape where the big are getting bigger, resulting in cost pressures and lower margins
Complex made easy Complex ordering requirements Centralised procurement means your customers have tighter process controls, sophisticated ERP systems, and tougher SLAs
Highly personalised Changing workforce An ageing population is leading to an increasingly digital-first workforce. Your sales reps and your customer's procurement teams no longer play traditional roles 
If you're a Healthcare supplies distributor, how do you adapt and not just survive, but thrive?

Head & Shoulders Above the Rest

Commerce Vision's platform ticks all the boxes.

"It can scale, it’s relevant, it’s modern, it’s constantly being improved, we don’t have to worry about it. It lets us focus on looking after our customers, rather than looking after our website."

Sean Toms CIO, Henry Schein Halas

Powerful Solutions for Medical & Dental

Our proven B2B solutions in eCommerce, Order Automation, and Mobile Merchandising & Field Sales are built to help healthcare distributors succeed. 

pexels-tima-miroshnichenko-5355851_resized Complex B2B Ordering

An ERP-integrated platform streamlines processes, making your customer's complex procurement job feel simple.

From contract pricing and inventory control, to purchasing approval hierarchies and cost centre budget restrictions.

CV ecommerce handles the complexities of B2B transactions with ease. 

pexels-tima-miroshnichenko-6169673_resized Multiple Order Channels

Give your your customers the flexibility to order when and how they please - on the web, with a field rep, or via emailed purchase order.

Self-service eCommerce empowers your customer, while sales order automation speeds fulfilment and reduces errors. 

For your sales staff, a mobile CRM application allows them to nurture the customer relationship - instead of just taking orders.

pexels-shvets-production-8413294_resized PunchOut

Service your large enterprise customers who demand a tightly-controlled procurement experience.

PunchOut integrates your customer's purchasing system to your website product data, allowing a seamless and error-free ordering experience for both buyer and seller. 

PunchOut capability has been a Commerce Vision specialty from day one.

ani-kolleshi-7jjnJ-QA9fY-unsplash Personalisation 

Give each customer a portal tailored specifically to them, providing a customer experience your competitors can't match.

Custom catalogues, contract pricing, branding, and inventory lists are B2B must-haves.

With an intuitive CMS, CV ecommerce lets you personalise your content and product offering, right out of the box. 

Companies in healthcare distribution turn to Commerce Vision

Five Star Experience

"Customer A might use the website in a completely different way to Customer B.

But whether it’s the single-practice GP or a corporate healthcare provider, I know [with the Commerce Vision platform] they’re getting a five-star experience - no matter who they are."

Whitney Webb Head of Sales & Marketing, SSS Australia

Take a closer look at our CV ecommerce solution

You'll learn:

  • How to solve for complexity with confidence - it's a highly intuitive system
  • Why it's a must for enhancing your customer experience
  • How the CMS will benefit your marketing and sales teams
  • The glory of customer self-service

Check out the video for a broad overview of the solution.

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Respected healthcare suppliers trust Commerce Vision

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