Commerce Vision 23 February 2022 3 min read

B2B ecommerce - Making the complex, simple

When it comes to ecommerce, the ultimate goal is to make it simple. Whether it's a pair of shoes or thousands of dollars in construction materials, an easy transaction is what buyers value, suppliers require and ecommerce platforms make possible.

But while this fundamental need is the same whether you’re selling in the retail or the wholesale space, the way it is developed, delivered and supported is, or should be, vastly different.

‘Doing business’ with consumers is a far more simple transaction than ‘doing business’ with business.

This is why B2B ecommerce is so specialised, and why choosing a trusted partner to provide a complex platform that makes it easy for everybody is so important to the success or failure of your ecommerce journey - and in some cases, your entire business.


What’s the difference?

B2C is the most familiar ecommerce model, used for business to consumer purchases. When developing these platforms the formula is simple as you’re working with one decision maker, one price and one transaction.

B2B, on the other hand, where businesses are buying and selling through the wholesale and procurement chains, involves more complex transactions and brings a shift in the customer/supplier dynamic.

Business procurement usually involves intricate rules, logic and processes, and requires an ecommerce solution that provides complex technical capabilities and high-level support.

Why the difference matters

Businesses need more – more options, more functions, more information. When a business makes a purchase, it needs everything from purchase orders, pricing structures and approval hierarchies, to inventory checklists, account statements and dispute resolution.

Developing a B2B platform by taking a B2C model and adding a ‘pay on account’ option will never suffice. B2B processes are unique and customer requirements can be complicated and even confusing to those without a deep understanding of the sector and its intricacies.


Commerce Vision was founded on this difference, and our platform has been built for B2B from day one. 


Making the difference work for you

As a B2B organisation you want your buyers to know you ‘get’ them - you value their time, you understand their needs, you support their business and its processes. 

Here are some of the key ways Commerce Vision makes the B2B difference work in your favour in an online world.


‘Buyers’, not ‘buyer’

When selling to organisations there are often several decision-makers involved at different stages of the buying journey. CV ecommerce supports approval hierarchies for both orders and invoices, while allowing for user budget allocations, stock restrictions and other company-level considerations not present in a retail environment.

Your customers will appreciate you recognising the ‘multi-buyer’ make-up of B2B and providing flexibility for its company structures and protocols.


Pick your pricing

There is no ‘one-price-fits-all’ in B2B transactions. Company-level contracts, volume pricing, bulk buys, geographical considerations, and government-preferred supplier arrangements all play a role. Getting the price right is essential to customer satisfaction, not to mention the profitability of your business.

Our CV ecommerce platform is deeply integrated to your ERP so that complex pricing rules, contracts and discount structures are obeyed and accurately reflected online, in real time, for every customer and every product.


Make it personal

Personalisation is just as important in B2B as it is for B2C, but the execution is different. Organisations need to ensure they are delivering time-poor buyers relevant content that enhances their experience and improves efficiency – think industry or role-specific commentary, product information, account-based promotions or product data.

Supporting all the familiar methods of personalisation, CV ecommerce goes even further with custom catalogues, co-branded ordering portals, stock restrictions, order templates, customer pricing, inventory checklists and more.



Supporting the day-to-day processes of your customers' business at a time and place that suits them gives you a huge advantage. Building your website on the CV ecommerce platform gives your customers the ability to check and pay outstanding balances online, reprint statements, dispute invoices, process returns and approve purchases.

The easier you can make life for your customers by offering useful, convenient and easy self-service features, the more you’ll become an indispensable part of their business.


The Commerce Vision difference

Commerce Vision understands B2B ecommerce inside and out, having been the trusted partners in this space for more than 21 years in Australia.

We provide a platform that integrates with core systems to become the heart of your online business, and we back it up with on-going, in-house support and continuously evolving solutions. When our solutions evolve, every customer benefits. And when our customers benefit, so do yours. Simple.


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