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Are you seeking to deliver the ultimate B2B customer experience?

How the Commerce Vision ecommerce solution helps Aussie B2Bs achieve frictionless trading

You probably don't need us to tell you that the B2B buyer’s landscape is constantly changing. With the continued acceleration of digital transformation, your customers' expectations are shifting. These days, digital-savvy buyers expect to have much more control over the process, as well as equipping themselves with information about you and your competitors.

Your customers also expect to do pretty much everything online, giving rise to a whole new era of customer experience (CX). If they can resolve the issue themselves via a self-service option, they're going to be happy customers. In fact, Forrester Research polled B2B buyers and found that 53% preferred researching orders on-line to dealing with a salesperson, and within a year that figure had grown to 68%.

Most importantly, customers expect a seamless, frictionless digital buying experience. If what you're offering is outdated, clunky and time-consuming, they'll click away in search of a company that's invested in innovation. If you're serious about delivering the ultimate in CX, then you need purpose-built tech on board that will align all the moving parts and create that 'B2B magic'.

The Commerce Vision ecommerce solution is a market-leading platform, one that’s been designed based on our exceptional understanding of B2B ecommerce. Highly configurable, we’ve built it to deliver a seamless customer experience with comprehensive B2B functionality, right out of the box. Let's take a closer look at how the Commerce Vision ecommerce solution helps Aussie B2Bs achieve frictionless trading. 


Deep integration with an array of different ERPs

CV ecommerce offers deep integration into your ERP or management system. It's designed to provide you with the comprehensive customer, product, price, order, account and business process data that you'll need to keep up with the ever-shifting B2B landscape. It's an intuitive system that not only helps you to build an integrated B2B ecommerce website, but also enables that all-important frictionless digital commerce experience - for both your team and your customers.

A CMS designed with self-service at its core

The Commerce Vision ecommerce solution comes equipped with an intuitive no-code CMS that allows your marketing and sales teams to easily make changes to your website, such as:

  • Edit and add content to pages
  • Adjust page layouts with drag and drop
  • Add new products and catalogues 
  • Schedule promotions and content widgets

No more waiting around for developers to do it! This paired with its deep ERP integrations means your product information is always up to date, which prevents any customer misunderstandings.


Account-specific log in options, promotions and more

We help you create the personal touch for your customers. You'll build a customer-centric website that encourages your customers to self-serve from anywhere, on any device, at any time. You can cater to specific accounts through password-protected customer portals, and offer account-specific personalised:

  • Pricing
  • Products
  • Marketing messages
  • Website pages

A focus on customer-centricity is crucial for a frictionless buying experience. You can also: 

  • Streamline how purchases are made and managed 
  • Offer online payments 
  • Streamline purchase order approval workflows and historic purchase order data

All in one place! The CV ecommerce platform is designed to make the buying process for your customers as seamless as possible, so after each transaction they’ll be impressed with how easy it was.


A long standing and specific focus in B2B

When you choose the Commerce Vision ecommerce solution, you partner with a team that lives and breathes B2B. Because we truly understand the rigours of B2B digital commerce, inside and out, our solutions are built, from the ground up, to specifically serve this market. The Commerce Vision ecommerce solution is a highly configurable and functionally rich platform. It's all-in-one, but since we know that no two organisations are the same, it's not a one-size-fits-all solution. It's flexible, intuitive, with an exceptional depth of capability.

We have a customer-satisfaction rate we're very proud of. Our products are the result of direct customer feedback, with long-term customer relationships fuelling continual improvement. New feature releases are informed and prioritised by our everyday, direct experiences with B2B businesses of all shapes and sizes. And, as our solutions evolve, every one of our customers benefit through our upgrade programmes. It's why businesses who partner with us, stay with us.

Commerce Vision has been a leader in B2B digital commerce across Australia and New Zealand for over 21 years. In addition to ecommerce, our solutions also span field sales and order processing automation, with a customer base which includes many of the regions’ best-known providers in their fields.


Keen to see our ecommerce solution in action?

We have a fully integrated ecommerce solution you have to see to believe. Highly configurable for both B2B and B2C, our platform delivers a seamless experience to your customers. Here's a 60 second broad overview video of the solution.

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