eCommerce PunchOut

Support complex B2B purchasing with enterprise capability

What is PunchOut?

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B2B PunchOut is an ecommerce solution that enables buyers to access the seller’s website to browse and purchase products - without leaving their own ERP.

Clicking through from SAP, Oracle or other procurement system, the buyer accesses the Punchout catalogue of pre-approved products on the seller’s website. Instead of checking out online, they “punch out” back to their own system to complete their usual purchasing workflow.

Whether using OCI or cXML, PunchOut technology connects the Buy-side (procure to pay) to the Sell-side (order to cash), in a way that delivers a win-win for both parties.

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The PunchOut process

Budget and approval hierarchies mean your corporate customers can have complex purchasing needs.

PunchOut is one way those customers can leverage ecommerce, buying securely from your website without leaving their own hosted system or compromising their internal processes.


  • 01 Buyer clicks through to you
  • 02 Buyer builds cart
  • 03 Buyer "punches out"
  • 04 Buyer sends order
  • 05 You fill the order

Buyer clicks through to you

Logging into their own procurement environment, the buyer clicks through to access your online product catalogue. 

Though still in their own internal system, they see real-time product, availability, and pricing data on your website.

Buyer builds cart

Browsing their PunchOut catalogue, the buyer adds products to build a basket of goods within your ecommerce platform.

Buyer "punches out"

Once the basket of goods is complete, the buyer punches out back to their own system.

From here, they complete their usual process for internal approval.

Purchase order is sent to you

The approved purchase order comes to you, often via EDI or emailed as a PDF document.

You fill the order

An error-free customer order is now in your hands, ready to process and fulfill. 

If you use sales order automation or EDI, the processing will be hands-free.

What are the benefits of PunchOut?

PunchOut aligns your selling process to your customer’s buying process.

By integrating your ecommerce site to your customer’s internal purchasing system, you provide superior service, reduce your cost-to-serve, and differentiate your business. 

PunchOut benefits include

Improved accuracy Improved accuracy

Buyers are accessing product and pricing data directly from your website. This means up-to-date order information is served in real time to your customer – no more obsolete items, incorrect units of measure, or invoice disputes.


Zero maintenance Zero maintenance With ERP-integrated ecommerce, PunchOut catalogues are kept current without any hands-on maintenance required from you. Rich product content, contract pricing, and stock availability are all seamlessly integrated from your ERP (and back again) as transactions occur.
Contract compliance Contract compliance

Increasingly a B2B prerequisite, many enterprise organisations will refuse to do business with sellers who can’t offer them PunchOut. It’s a powerful part of any B2B ecommerce offering where large corporate customers are concerned.


Sales Automation Order automation Large customers generating purchase orders in their ERP won’t re-enter the order on your website. Instead, PunchOut users will send you their purchase order via EDI, or perhaps email it as a PDF. This is a perfect opportunity to leverage automation such as Lucy to streamline your order processing.
Faster order-to-cash Faster order-to-cash PunchOut gives buyers the security of knowing they maintain control of their buying process. Positive flow-on effects include speedier approval, streamlined fulfilment, fewer invoice disputes. A better buying experience means better retention, as PunchOut customers make you preferred supplier.
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Why offer PunchOut?

When it comes to PunchOut, everyone wins.

Deeply integrated and prized by enterprise level procurement, PunchOut creates not just value, but a strong bond between your customer and your business.

Offer procurement capability that your competitors are not likely to match.

Keen to discuss whether PunchOut is right for you?