Helen Ross 29 November 2017 2 min read

Santa got his dates wrong, but that's good news for you!

It’s feature week again in CV-land and there’s one or two things I’ve been hanging out to show you! Because I have the patience of a 6 year old on Christmas day, let’s get straight into it.


Price slider is no longer just for price!

As of version 4.00 you can use that price slider for metadata other than price. Got products with a PSI rating? Or flow rate? How about voltage, or even weight? So long as it’s a numerical value in that metadata field, this baby is your ticket!

Documentation here


Email template for EFT Account payments

We’ve added a new email template specifically for users who have paid their accounts via EFT. This way you can include information that may be relevant to them (such as processing times) that may not be necessary for those users who’ve paid their invoices via credit card.

Documentation here


Product Quick View

This one was released a little while ago but I thought it deserved a shout out as I’ve got a few customers who really like it. If there’s information you want to serve to your customers as quickly as possible but don’t really want them navigating away from the Product List page, the Quick View is a great middle ground. It pops up in the same page, so a user stays within the mindset of the product(s) they’re browsing for, while serving them that touch more information they might need to make their buying decision.

Documentation here


Custom category templates

This is another one that’s come up a few times in discussions recently so wanted to make sure it got some extra well-deserved airtime. As of 3.99+ you can now assign each category its own page template. This is great for customers who (for example) have larger equipment sections that might need a bit of extra pizazz! 

Documentation here


Because we’re coming up on the end of the year and it’s likely you may need to upgrade to get all the shiny new features, I just wanted to give you a quick reminder that you can ask our support team to book in an upgrade on your stage site.


Don’t forget any major upgrade will require testing so feel free to check out the documentation and skeleton test plan we put together so you don’t have to start from scratch.


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