Andrew Rogencamp 27 March 2024 5 min read

Must-Have Features for B2B eCommerce Success in 2024

As we embark on 2024, the B2B commerce landscape is undergoing a rapid evolution, fueled by technology adoption and shifting buyer demographics and expectations. 

Put simply, providing a digital buying and self-service experience for your customers has transitioned from a nice to have to a necessity.

With over two decades of experience in B2B ecommerce, I have had the privilege of witnessing this transformation firsthand.

At Commerce Vision, we firmly believe that the cornerstone of B2B eCommerce success and customer adoption rests on offering the right capabilities to simplify your buyers' tasks. By making their jobs more manageable, you ensure their continued loyalty which gives you the opportunity to sell more. 

It's crucial to remember that B2B buyers differ from B2C consumers; they engage with your platform as part of their professional duties, seeking practicality and convenience above all else.

So, let's delve into the essential features that define a top-tier B2B eCommerce experience in 2024.

Seamless Integration with Business Systems

The heart of a successful B2B eCommerce platform lies in its ability to integrate seamlessly with core business systems such as ERP, CRM, and supply chain management tools. 

This integration ensures real-time data exchange, providing customers with up-to-date information on pricing, inventory, and order status. It also streamlines back-end processes, reducing manual efforts and the potential for errors.

Intuitive User Experience and Personalization

A user-friendly interface is crucial for any B2B ecommerce platform. Personalisation elevates the user experience by catering to individual preferences, roles, and purchasing history. 

This could mean displaying customised product recommendations, contract pricing, or specific content based on user profiles. An intuitive and personalised platform not only enhances customer satisfaction but also boosts engagement and conversion rates.




Advanced Search and Navigation

Given the complexity of B2B transactions, advanced search and navigation features are essential. These might include faceted search, auto-complete, and dynamic filters, which help users quickly locate the products they need. 

A well-designed search and navigation system will drive a high conversion and can significantly reduce the time spent to complete a task. Getting it wrong usually means buyers abandon and start calling your reps or call centre.




Comprehensive Self-Service Portal

Self-service empowers customers to manage their accounts, view order history, track shipments, and handle invoicing and payments independently. This autonomy not only enhances the customer experience but also reduces the workload on your customer service team. Key features of a comprehensive self-service portal include:

  • Account management tools
  • Detailed order history and tracking
  • Invoice access and online payment options
  • Saved lists and reordering
  • Support access and knowledge base




Flexible Payment and Checkout Options

B2B transactions often involve complex payment terms and a variety of payment methods. A flexible checkout process that accommodates credit terms, purchase orders, and online payments can streamline the purchasing journey and reduce friction at the point of sale.




Robust Order Management and Fulfilment

Efficient order management and fulfilment are crucial for B2B eCommerce success. Features such as bulk ordering, order approval workflows, and integration with logistics providers ensure that orders are processed smoothly and delivered on time.

Integrated CRM with Mobile Merchandising

An integrated CRM with mobile merchandising is crucial for optimising your field team's performance and supporting your sales reps. For this reason we built a dedicated CRM called Opmetrix that connects field teams anytime, anywhere, with 360o customer engagement, Key features include:

  • Specialised CRM: Equip your sales team with comprehensive sales history, customer notes, and photos to enhance their knowledge and service capabilities.
  • Retail Execution: Utilise mobile merchandising to analyse product penetration, market share, and capture key metrics like shelf share and price checks.
  • Sales Automation: Streamline transactions with seamless ERP integrations, allowing quotes, orders, and invoices to flow directly from the field to your ERP system.
  • Dashboards and Insights: Access valuable data through dashboards and Power BI for deeper insights into team performance and sales trends.

By implementing these features, you empower your sales team with the tools they need for efficient and effective customer engagement.

EDI and PunchOut Capabilities

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and PunchOut capabilities are critically important in B2B eCommerce. EDI allows for the automated exchange of business documents between systems, while PunchOut enables buyers to access your catalogue directly from their procurement system. Both features streamline the purchasing process and enhance integration with customers' existing workflows.

Implementation Matters: The Commerce Vision Advantage

While features are important, the real game-changer is how these features are implemented. B2B business models are often complex, and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work. At Commerce Vision, we understand this complexity. Our platform is designed to be highly configurable, ensuring that it can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Our team of experts has successfully executed hundreds of complex B2B eCommerce projects, making us a safe pair of hands.

As the Chief Customer Officer of Commerce Vision, I am proud to say that we are not just a software provider; we are a partner in your B2B eCommerce journey. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your business to drive more growth and efficiency in 2024.


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