Helen Ross 18 October 2017 2 min read

Get ready for an early Christmas, it’s CMS upgrade time

Are you ready for an early Christmas present? Because boy, have I got a doozy for you! The elves are working full-steam tonight preparing a shiny new version of the CMS. It will be ready for you at the crack of dawn on Thursday morning. To make sure you can get the most out of all the presents we have in store I thought I'd let you in on the fun a little bit early.


Ready? Set. Go!


Customisable category templates

This feature allows you to override the default template for a category. If you’re like some of our customers and your categories have vastly different offerings this can be a great way to help out the different user types likely to be browsing them.

Documentation: Customisable category templates


New promo code scenario

Order (x) quantity of (y) product and get (z) product at a discounted price. If you’ve ever ordered two pizzas online and been offered garlic bread for $1, you’ll know how this one works!

Documentation: New promo code scenario


Product document uploads

Similar to the way you can maintain product images in the CMS, you can now maintain documents. This will be helpful for those customers who want to include things like MSDS sheets, or detailed warranty information that can vary per product. Now there’s no more need to load these through the integrator.

Documentation: Product documents via CMS


Convert HTML snippets to static content widgets

In the CMS a user can choose between the HTML snippet and a static content widget. In the past there’s been a bit of confusion as to which you should use in any given scenario. To clear the air: HTML snippets should only be used for code (eg embed code for Instagram). The HTML snippet is not designed to format standard content (eg text and images) as it doesn’t adhere to your site’s style guide. The good news is that the static content widget does.

We’ve now introduced an option that will allow you to convert HTML snippets that aren’t code-based into static content widgets without you needing to redo all your hard work.

Documentation: Converting HTML snippets to static content


Sliding range option for metadata filters

Some of you may already use the price slider as part of your metadata filtering. If you don’t because you wanted to use the slider for a different field… well I’ve got good news for you. You’ll now be able to use the slider method to filter any numerical metadata option.

Documentation: Sliding range filter for product features


New content editor

We’ve revamped the content editor. You’ll notice a lot of new options for you in terms of being able to style your content. You may also notice the inclusion of a handy new feature that allows you to paste content directly from Word and let the editor clean it for you.

Documentation: New content editor


New File Manager!




Are you ready for this? With the new File Manager you can:

  • Upload multiple files at once
  • Drag and drop files to upload
  • Download files right from the file manager

I know a few of you are likely cheering over that first point!

Documentation: New & improved CMS file manager


I hope that there is something (or a few somethings) in today’s post that will make your day all the more efficient. There’s more exciting features coming out in the next few months so stay tuned!