Dee Robbins 17 April 2020 1 min read

Your eCommerce Renovation - Now is the Time

Working from home through this health crisis (between juggling an 8-month-old and sanitising my home every 30 minutes), has allowed me to really slow down -  read, listen and see what’s happening in the eCommerce world.


Most recently I was listening to the podcast “Add to Cart” and picked up some great tips that I would love to share with you. This is a podcast by Nathan Bush, the founder and lead consultant at 12HIGH and he was discussing COVID-19 and its impact on businesses. 

The good news is, there is a rise in online shopping! Especially in certain categories like alcohol, home fitness equipment, food and active wear.

Using this opportunity to pivot, a lot of businesses are making the decision to bring forward digital projects - big and small. There is a definite digital shift, and this is just the beginning. Consumers are spending more time online and as a result there is potential for behaviour shifts in how consumers buy over the next 6 months.

Our Director of Sales and Marketing, David Bickerstaff has a saying -  "You don't renovate the hotel in summer". For many businesses, the 'winter' low season has arrived. So now is the time to get those projects done (and maybe use the assistance the Australian Government is providing), to get your team working towards becoming the business you have always dreamed of being.

 That might be looking at implementing new features on your website, such as:

  • Online live chat
  • Shipping expectations and costs etc
  • Click and collect
  • Personalisation

What do we know is eCommerce is up, and for obvious reasons more so in some industries than others (office works, gym equipment etc). Foot traffic in stores is down but in general, eCommerce is thriving. 

In product categories where the purchasing cycle is long – like property or automotive – where the consumer does a lot of research and relies on their own job security – those product categories are doing it a little tougher right now.  Businesses in these areas might need to consider more content marketing as buyers will be more knowledgeable due to extended lead times and time spent online.

Now, more than ever, eCommerce is a critical tool in your business. We're here to help, and I will continue to update you in my blogs with any info we think might be of use!