Shaun Cooper 11 July 2018 2 min read

Customer Dashboards

Would you like your customers to self-manage their own accounts?


We have a solution that we can configure for you...

...and it won't break the bank.


Meet our ‘Basic 5’ Customer Dashboard

 Customer Dashboard


This feature is quickly becoming popular as it significantly reduces incoming calls from end-user customers by empowering them to manage their own accounts.


This quick win is an easy install with around 1hr of CV time, no additional on-going costs, and no work required from you.


If you are interested in a Customer Dashboard for your site, let me or our support team know and we can get things started for you.


With comprehensive and full time access to their own accounts, your end-user customers will have the ability to self-serve many account management functions such as:


Account Status

View outstanding balances, monthly statements, invoices & credit notes.   Reprint invoices and make account payments.

 Account Status



Recent Invoices

View their list, and easily drill down into individual invoices for more detail.

 Recent Invoices



Recent Orders

View their list, see the current status, and drill down into recent orders.


Recent Orders




Back Orders

View their back order list and drill down to individual orders for more detail.


Back Orders



Product Favourites

View the list of products they have saved as favourites, click into the 'product detail' or 'buy now' directly from their dashboard.


Product Favourites


Note: If changes to your current availability setup are required to show specific data on your dashboard, we can let you know what’s involved before you make any decisions.


Additional Dashboard Customisations to Consider

For some of you this could be the end of the story, but if you’re looking for more there are plenty of additional options available…

  • Account Manager Details
Account Manager Details
  • Recently Purchased Items

  • Most Purchased Items

  • Recommended Purchases

  • Rep Information

  • Returns

  • Order Templates

  • New Products

  • Promotions

  • Order Approval

  • Price Book Export

  • Orders On Hold

  • Banners

These additional dashboard customisations will require additional scoping so its best to contact us to discuss your specific requirements for any that you are interested in.

Best Practice Design (BPD) Technology

Customer Dashboards can be used in conjunction with our BPD solution so you can utilise our widgets, roles, and layer technology to customise additional content and personalise it appropriately for your customers, should you choose to do so.


Do you have ideas that aren’t on the list?   Great, we can discuss those with you too!


Until next time...