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The global food industry is a complex network of markets, distribution channels, and customer segments - all with a role to play in the journey from paddock to plate. But behind every catered hospital meal or fine dining dish, is the supply chain - a standing army of people working in Foodservice Distribution to get products to those businesses and organisations who prepare billions of meals per annum.

And behind that supply chain, is Commerce Vision.


Challenges facing Foodservice Distributors

In recent years, the foodservice industry has withstood major disruption.

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  1. 'Big retail' acquisition of smaller distributors

  2. Impacts of the pandemic on the hospitality sector

  3. Extreme weather events damaging crop production

  4. Skyrocketing fuel costs adding expense at each step of the supply chain

If you're a Foodservice Distributor, how do you not just survive, but thrive?


Let us help

Why Commerce Vision?

We are uniquely positioned to support Foodservice distributors. Our proven solutions in eCommerce, Order Automation, and Mobile Field Sales are built to help you succeed. We understand the digital tools Foodservice needs, and build our integrated platforms to handle complexity with confidence.

  • Functionality built just for foodservice - variable weight product ordering, controlled delivery area for chilled goods, and much more

  • Multiple channels give your customers the flexibility to order as they please - on the web, with a field rep, or via emailed purchase order

  • PunchOut capability for large enterprise customers who demand a tightly-controlled procurement experience

  • Personalisation of your website - give each customer a 'portal' tailored specifically to them. Custom skins, catalogues, pricing and pantry lists are just the beginning

Foodservice turns to Commerce Vision for eCommerce.


Find out why

World-class B2B solutions

Our solutions encompass a world class B2B eCommerce platform, featuring deep ERP and other core system integration, as well as Lucy - our sales order automation tool which instantly translates PDF purchase order data into ERP sales orders. The Commerce Vision digital commerce stack is rounded out by our Opmetrix CRM field sales app - designed to make field account management a breeze.

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You're in good company

Foodservice Distributors turn to Commerce Vision

"Best B2B platform around"

We were promised a highly integrated B2B platform and we were not disappointed.

We were blown away with how highly integrated it was! B2B features offered I saw nowhere else in the market. I have not come across anything missing from the platform and when we did have specific business needs, Commerce Vision had a solution for everything.

Mark Thomas - National Business Systems Manager, Superior Food Services

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