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Streamline B2B sales order processing without comprising accuracy 

B2B sales order processing software

Lucy is an intelligent, automated order processing solution that automatically feeds sales orders into your ERP system. Gone are the days of painstaking, manual order fulfilment, let Lucy handle it with 24/7 100% accuracy.

Let Lucy handle it

Deeply integrated Automate With 100% accuracy and a 24/7 work ethic, let Lucy support your team with advanced purchase order automation.
Complex made easy Accommodate Take manual data entry off your sales team's hands and let Lucy manage emailed PDFs from your inbox to your ERP 24/7.
Improved accuracy Improve Intuitive and adaptable - let Lucy learn and improve how your sales team handles purchase orders.
Sales Automation Save Designed for SMEs, Lucy will reduce your cost-to-serve and increase the velocity of your supply chain.

How does Lucy work?

  • 01 Receive an order
  • 02 Map, set, forget
  • 03 Let Lucy handle it
  • 04 Find your ordering zen

Receive a purchase order

When a customer emails their system-generated purchase order to your inbox, Lucy will instantly notify you.

Map the order fields

For the first order, Lucy will guide you through mapping out the important info on that customer's PDF. 

Once the PO format is mapped, Lucy will remember it for all future orders.

Let Lucy handle it

Let Lucy do the heavy lifting, as she checks all of the order lines and pricing against your ERP data.

Once she's satisfied it's 100% correct, she'll turn it (and all future POs) into an ERP sales order in seconds.

Find your ordering zen

Reduce your cost-to-serve, set your CSRs free to engage with customers, and watch orders fly out the door.

Lucy is on your team around the clock, delivering unmatched speed and accuracy. 

"No one’s too fond of keying in an 80-90 line order. It takes time.


Lucy's completely automated that process. An order that used to take 45 minutes to enter manually is now done within a minute."

Dennis Risteski Customer Serivce Manager, Morco Fresh

Get to know Lucy

Find out how Lucy can streamline your order processing and free your team