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Signify is the new company name of Philips Lighting and is a global leader in efficient lighting products for professionals and consumers while continuing to pioneer the LED lighting systems and services industry.

With 1,000 store visits completed by the Signify team every month, cutting through the volume of field data to produce effective reporting was a major challenge.

Signify had limited ability to capture customer data, monitor competitor activity, use real-time sales reports and team collaboration was difficult.


Opmetrix provides automated reporting for enhanced insights daily, weekly and monthly. Signify have been able to centralise many of the sales functions specific to each store or staff member, with management able to use these insights to forecast more accurately on targets and keep up-to-date with marketplace data in real-time.

“Being able to see how much your team is spending at each store, analysing customer spend against this and responding quickly when opportunities arise, has made a huge impact on our business. We typically use the 80/20 rule and find that if the team are spending the right amount of time in store and doing quality calls, then we see better sales results.” Daniel O’Brien, National Sales Manager, Signify.


One of the biggest business benefits for the Signify team has been a significant reduction in the time spent dealing with customer issues. The ease in which Opmetrix manages customer data has provided significant benefits.

The field team can upload images during each store visit, capturing key information with regards to stocks, promotional activity, share of shelf, and competitor information.

“I find the system really easy to navigate. I can quickly get he information I need, ascertain our sales position ad what we need to do to deliver on objectives. I look at Opmetrix on a Monday morning and can see at a glance what needs to be done for the week ahead” Ross Berry, General Manager, Long White Cloud.

The mobile CRM has also driven team collaboration and enhanced communication, with the team able to quickly contact each other and share their wins and opportunities. The team have been able to exchange successful sales strategies ideas, while driving a healthy competition.  

"If a customer says they haven't seen a rep in-store, you can go straight to a report that shows them the day and time the rep was last there, supported by photo evidence. This assures our customers that we are looking after them and can help drive conversations around sales volumes, promotion success and stock reorders"

Daniel O'Brien National Sales Manager

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