CV ecommerce 2023.4

Commerce Vision's final release for 2023 is here and ready when you are!
Version 2023.4

Feature highlights

SSS Australia have been supplying medical equipment and consumables to the Australian healthcare market for over 45 years. Known for their unwavering commitment to customer care, the team at SSS Australia strive to set a benchmark in gold standard service. That aim naturally extends to their online channel, and with an eye for innovation, they work hard to offer their customers the best online experience possible.

SSS Australia aren’t new to eCommerce. The successful healthcare supply company has offered its customers online ordering since the early 2000s. But since that time, B2B eCommerce has matured and its users have grown more sophisticated. Recently, the team at SSS Australia had come to realise their existing platform wasn’t delivering the sort of agility and flexibility they needed. They found they needed to build customisations on top of their existing platform in order to offer their customers features that were considered ‘non-standard’ for B2B.

They found themselves at a crossroads: either upgrade to a newer version of their current platform, or start evaluating other options. And thus the partnership with Commerce Vision was born.

Packed with plenty of behind-the-scenes updates, the headliner for this release is definitely our new Auto Invoice Payment feature.

Of course we've also bundled in some routine fixes and performance improvements to keep everything running smoothly. 

Auto Invoice Payments

As any Accounts Receivable team will tell you, one of the biggest pain points is the sheer volume of overdue invoices that need chasing for payment.

It's a time-consuming, resource-hungry process, and when the value of the invoice is low, it makes the ROI on pursuing it seem negligible. Failure to collect payment leaves you out of pocket, but repeated follow-up is an expensive exercise! So what to do? 

Auto Invoice Payment to the rescue. 

This feature helps you collect payment on time - for balances large and small - by automatically charging customers on the invoice due date. 


How it works

Your customers authorise automatic payments via payment token linked to their account. 

Each customer can configure their payment method (credit or debit), and account-related contact details.

Upcoming payment reminders, as well as payment success / fail notifications, are sent by email to the nominated contact, and can also be BCC'd to your accounts receivable team if required. 

You set the terms & conditions.

Decide which accounts can use Auto Invoice Payment, who's authorised to opt-out (and how they do so), and who receives payment communications.


  • Saves time for both you and your customers
  • Empowers you to enforce your payment terms and define your own opt-out process

Contact our Professional Services team if you're interested in implementing this feature.

NB. Auto Invoice Payment is only available for Commerce Vision websites running Braintree's payment platform. Not compatible with other payment gateways. 

Customers without Commerce Vision's Advanced B2B Payments module may incur additional cost to implement.

Delete All product media

Is there anything worse than having to rage-click that delete button, one by one by one, when you've got dozens of product image files to update on your website? 

It's inefficient to say the least. Which is why we've added a 'Delete All' option to the product media maintenance screen in the CMS. 

Clear those product images and videos in one easy click, so you can load new files and get on with your day! 

Sometimes it's the little things in life that make all the difference.... 



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