CV ecommerce 2023.3

Commerce Vision's August 2023 release - available now!
Version 2023.3

Feature highlights

SSS Australia have been supplying medical equipment and consumables to the Australian healthcare market for over 45 years. Known for their unwavering commitment to customer care, the team at SSS Australia strive to set a benchmark in gold standard service. That aim naturally extends to their online channel, and with an eye for innovation, they work hard to offer their customers the best online experience possible.

SSS Australia aren’t new to eCommerce. The successful healthcare supply company has offered its customers online ordering since the early 2000s. But since that time, B2B eCommerce has matured and its users have grown more sophisticated. Recently, the team at SSS Australia had come to realise their existing platform wasn’t delivering the sort of agility and flexibility they needed. They found they needed to build customisations on top of their existing platform in order to offer their customers features that were considered ‘non-standard’ for B2B.

They found themselves at a crossroads: either upgrade to a newer version of their current platform, or start evaluating other options. And thus the partnership with Commerce Vision was born.

Got web-resistant customers who aren't yet confident with online ordering?

Wishing you didn't have to wear those rural NZ delivery charges for customers outside metro areas? 

This release is for you!

Of course we've also bundled in some minor fixes and behind-the-scenes updates. Read on for details.

Proxy Ordering - User Impersonation Enhancement

Are some of your customers a bit stuck in their old ways, phoning up to place their orders? Do you wish there was some way to hold their hand and ease them into using your ecommerce platform?

With Proxy Ordering, you can! Lower the barriers for your customers and empower them to self-serve on your ecommerce platform!

How it works

Proxy Ordering is a User Impersonation enhancement that allows your Reps to login as the customer and build the order on their behalf. When ready, the Rep triggers an email to the customer prompting them to complete the checkout. Your customer simply logs in, checks the order, then submits it by clicking through the checkout.

Voila! That customer is now officially an ecommerce user.

If you're worried about reps pushing through phone orders to meet targets, don't! You can configure Proxy Ordering so the checkout button is only enabled once the customer has logged in.

  • Encourages hesitant web users to adopt online ordering by ensuring they experience early success 
  • Keeps everyone honest by allowing you to configure checkout so that only the customer can complete that step (prevents Reps from submitting orders) 
  • Maintains the service levels your customers love, but gently shifts them into a self-service mindset

Contact our Professional Services team if you're interested in implementing this feature.

Delivery Address Lookup + Rural Delivery Charges

We’ve added another tool or two to the CV ecommerce freight kit!

Our latest update allows site admins to access an additional Address Lookup provider. Our NZ customers now have the ability to use New Zealand Post’s Parcel Post connection.

This also brings the ability to implement a rural delivery fee for buyers who are outside of local delivery areas. 

  • Recoup delivery charges for rural customers
  • Utilise the popular Parcel Post connection for New Zealand shipments
  • Maintain all of these settings in our new consolidated delivery address feature in the CMS

Get in touch with our Professional Services team if you're interested in implementing this feature.

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