CV ecommerce 2023.1

The first release for 2023 is here!
Version 2023.1

Feature highlights

SSS Australia have been supplying medical equipment and consumables to the Australian healthcare market for over 45 years. Known for their unwavering commitment to customer care, the team at SSS Australia strive to set a benchmark in gold standard service. That aim naturally extends to their online channel, and with an eye for innovation, they work hard to offer their customers the best online experience possible.

SSS Australia aren’t new to eCommerce. The successful healthcare supply company has offered its customers online ordering since the early 2000s. But since that time, B2B eCommerce has matured and its users have grown more sophisticated. Recently, the team at SSS Australia had come to realise their existing platform wasn’t delivering the sort of agility and flexibility they needed. They found they needed to build customisations on top of their existing platform in order to offer their customers features that were considered ‘non-standard’ for B2B.

They found themselves at a crossroads: either upgrade to a newer version of their current platform, or start evaluating other options. And thus the partnership with Commerce Vision was born.

Some choice new features and a few minor fixes to kick the year off. Take advantage of our latest ecommerce functionality and benefit from a slew of behind-the-scenes updates while you're at it. 

Rest easy knowing everything's been exhaustively tested and documented.

Magic Links

We all know that good security hygiene requires a unique, hard-to-guess password for each online account we own. But how many of us consistently adhere to this practice in real life?

Considering the sheer number of online accounts the average user has, it's no surprise that many end up suffering 'password fatigue' and become complacent about login security.  

Which is exactly why Magic links were created.  

Magic Links - Example email


Magic links are a type of passwordless authentication method, consisting of an emailed link that allows a user to log into their account with one click, rather than having to enter a username and password into a login box.

Magic links are easy, quick, secure - and now available for implementation on your CV ecommerce website.

  • Easy - the user just needs access to the email address associated with their account
  • Quick - one click is all it takes 
  • Secure - a new link is generated for each login request and expires after a set period

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PayID Payments

If you’ve ever used PayID to send or receive money, you’ll know how convenient this near-instant bank transfer method is. Rather than exchanging long account and BSB numbers, PayID lets users simply enter the recipient's phone number or email address when transferring funds.

And now with our native Azupay integration for CV ecommerce, the ease of PayID is available for commercial transactions too! 


With PayID’s real time processing, transaction approval happens at the moment of payment, giving you a direct deposit option without the usual wait for funds settlement or risking payment exceptions. The single-use, unique PayID is all the customer needs for payment straight from their bank account.

Integration to CV ecommerce means the PayID transaction is automatically updated within the platform, eliminating the need to reconcile payment later.


  • Fast - near-instant funds transfer dramatically cuts outstanding payment times
  • Convenient - offer the option of PayID to your customers at checkout
  • Seamless - PayID transactions are automatically linked to the order/invoice number and integrated back to CV ecommerce

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