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Established in 1855 in Australia, Martin & Pleasance is a high end pharmaceutical company devoted to traditional techniques and providing a range of quality natural remedies and medicines.

Using an outdated system, Martin & Pleasance had little capacity for accuracy and clear reporting. Solutions required from its European based software provider took a long time to be resolved.

“If there were any issues and we needed support, that support was very slow coming” Nick Harper, Martin & Pleasance National Sales Manager said.

Looking to replace its old system with a reliable alternative, the company required a solution at the same costs and one which would keep its software on premise. Ease of access to information was imperative.


The introduction of Opmetrix meant that time consuming paper and fax processes which was open to significant error, became a thing of the past. A leading retail cloud solution, Opmetrix is accessible in the field, instantly making the team’s activity easy to capture, providing measurable and transparent results.

With offices in New Zealand and Australia, Opmetrix presented itself as the perfect solution for Martin & Pleasance to move its business critical software provider closer to home. Offering business solutions which are accessible on and offline, Opmetrix provides the ability to work anywhere, providing a distinct competitive advantage.


Martin & Pleasance successfully made the transition to Opmetrix in 2015. The quick rollout meant that the whole transition was seamless. This was particularly pleasing given that the implementation was over the Christmas period.

With Opmetrix based in New Zealand and Australia, time spent waiting to have issues resolved has been cut by two thirds.

“Every time we’ve had an issue, the support team on the phone have been easy to get hold of and very helpful.” Nick Harper, National Sales Manager, Martin & Pleasance.

Empowering Martin & Pleasance with data and statistics, Opmetrix has reduced reporting time allowing the company to celebrate success, identify opportunities and calculate ROI.

Alain Adolphe, Martin & Pleasance NSW state manager is a daily Opmetrix user and explains that Opmetrix has made a huge difference to his working day, significantly reducing time consuming tasks.

“The whole order process is easy. As a sales force we can see what interactions we had with a particular customer. Photo capture has been particularly useful when creating displays and to show opposition products, enabling us to use the information effectively to our advantage"

Alain Adolphe NSW State Manager

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