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John Farnea

Managing Director & CTO


John’s journey in IT started like many tech leaders - with a keen interest for software development on the Apple II and IBM PC.

Over 30 years on, John is still passionate about developing and delivering business applications that are elegant and simple in design whilst solving complex business problems.

In 2001, John had a vision to build a company that would develop, and support industrial strength eCommerce applications for Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers. With John’s deep understanding of technology and how it can enable business process, Commerce Vision has grown to be a leader in integrated eCommerce.

Apart from his role as Managing Director, John leads the technology direction of Commerce Vision.

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Andrew Rogencamp

Director, Customer Success


Andrew’s IT career began soon after completing a Commerce Degree.

Charged with implementing ERP into an IT distribution company, Andrew quickly became expert in business process and systems and has worked implementing business and eCommerce solutions across Australia, NZ, UK and US for over 25 years.

Understanding the value that could be created through eCommerce, Andrew has focused since 2001 on delivering eCommerce business solutions that integrate to ERP systems.

Today Andrew is the Director of Customer Success.


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David Bickerstaff

Director, Sales & Marketing


David began his career in manufacturing and logistics in Australia and the UK.

Over the last 30 years David has worked with companies delivering systems to support large and medium business across the manufacturing, distribution and finance sectors. This has included senior roles with PRONTO, PeopleSoft and SAP.

David joined Commerce Vision in 2011 and is responsible for Sales and Marketing.


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Troy Brady

Director, Infrastructure


Troy began his career as a software developer architecting networks.

In 2001 Troy joined Commerce Vision and was involved in developing the first versions of our eCommerce platform.

Troy leads a team responsible for supporting Commerce Vision’s cloud-based infrastructure and is instrumental in working with our customers and partners, to provide security and optimal performance for our eCommerce platforms.


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Christian Kohl

Head of Development


Christian’s early career focused on ERP systems within the FMCG and Distribution sectors.

Joining Commerce Vision in 2008, Christian provides leadership and guidance to plan and execute the development of Commerce Vision's product suite.

Our platform development is critical to our customers’ success. Christian also works closely with Projects, Support, and Marketing on product direction and technology.


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Thomas Fung

Head of Consulting Services


Thomas began his career in supply chain and for the last 20 years has been a business analyst in the retail, distribution and manufacturing sectors.

Thomas has a passion for business processes and has a deep understanding of the financial and technical aspects of business, supported by qualifications in both IT and Commerce.

Joining Commerce Vision in 2009, Thomas is responsible for consulting and implementation of Commerce Vision’s eCommerce applications.

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