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Sales order Automation for Foodservice

Say goodbye to manual order entry

The global food industry is a complex network of markets, distribution channels, and customer segments - all with a role to play in the journey from paddock to plate. But behind every catered hospital meal or fine dining dish, is the supply chain - a standing army of people working in Foodservice Distribution to get products to those businesses and organisations who prepare billions of meals per annum.

And behind that supply chain, is Commerce Vision.


With urgent turnaround the norm and a shorter shelf life than other products, foodservice distributors often work around the clock to fill time-sensitive demand.  

But data entry of incoming orders is a major bottleneck that slows fulfilment.

Automating your order processing can speed up your entire order-to-cash cycle.

Meet Lucy

Designed to bridge that gap between your smaller customers who order online, and the larger ones using EDI, Lucy handles the PDF purchase orders your remaining customers send via email. 

Seamless ERP integration allows Lucy to read and validate customer data to ensure 100% order accuracy, in seconds.

Why Automate with Lucy?

With Foodservice suppliers in a constant race against the clock, who has time to lose on manual sales order entry? 

Employing people to move data from one system to another may be common practice, but it's hardly efficient.

Manual order entry takes time, invites errors, and ties up staff who could be adding real value elsewhere.


Ditch "swivel-chair integration" and let Lucy handle it

Integrated and validated Integrated Your ERP remains the source of truth. Lucy validates all customer data against your own and flags the mismatches. Eliminate errors and reduce write-offs.
Cost-effective Cost-effective Designed for SME wholesalers and distributors, Lucy costs less than EDI or a full-time employee. Let Lucy reduce your cost-to-serve.
Self-service Self-service Lucy guides you through document mapping as and when required. Unlimited maps free of charge, and no 3rd party reliance to slow you down. 
Foodservice-friendly Always on duty Lucy works 24/7, every day of the year. No vacation, no sick days. Late-night orders processed and ready before the warehouse lights flick on in the morning.

"Our Order Team's saving grace!

Lucy has completely transformed how we work and what we focus on.

In a matter of weeks, we transitioned from truly manual sales order entry, to having more than 6,000 orders - over 20,000 lines - going through Lucy every single week...

...and that number just continues to increase. "

Dennis Risteski National Customer Service Manager, Morco Fresh
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