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Founded in 1988, Gulf Western Oil are an Australian family founded and owned business who specialise in an extensive range of products specific to the Australian market including diesel engine oils, petrol engine oils and hydraulic oils.

Eager to grow, Gulf Western Oil wanted to increase field sales by a quarter. However, they were facing a major roadblock, their long-standing sales team were accustomed to manual, old school processes.

Aware this method was time-consuming and error prone, it became even more problematic with staff changeover; it was impossible to share account history.

Eager to develop a more competitive and agile field sales model, Gulf Western Oil engaged ABM (Advanced Business Manager) ERP and Opmetrix to help them discover and implement a more modern, business solution.


After delving into and outlining the key challenges Gulf Western Oil faced with existing processes, ABM suggested a two-pronged approach to resolving Gulf Western Oil’s challenges. They suggested implementing both their ABM ERP solution and the Opmetrix CRM.

Opmetrix integrates with many ERP systems, extracting master data, pricing, and inventory levels to ensure field teams have up to date information. ABM is one of those ERP systems. Opmetrix works closely with ABM to ensure the most seamless integration setup.

Gulf Western Oil instantly saw the value in both business solutions, especially Opmetrix’s purpose built, CRM system. It could accommodate all their pain points and had all the features their fields team would need, pre-built, in one mobile platform.


From mitigating manual mishaps to complete field team transparency, Gulf Western Oil explains they’re extremely happy with the investment they’ve made in both ABM and Opmetrix.

“Both ABM and Opmetrix have integrated so well into our business, and we would struggle to drop either of them,” says Chris. “There are so many intricate details to both programs, we use it every day…It has become more than just a tool for reporting, it has become a strategic tool for us.”

The transparency Opmetrix has offered Gulf Western Oil has not only changed how their reps manage their accounts but how the business operates.

We are now able to provide new reps with the tools to bring them up to speed quickly,” says Chris. “We can even see how far reps’ travel; we had one rep who’s start time was late and we identified that was because they were doing so much travel. It helped us realise the need for an extra rep to eliminate travel delays.”

Working with both ABM and Opmetrix, Chris commends both providers on their agility to provide new functions and modules on request. “They are both very open to suggestions. They will say we have the function and will turn it on for us, or they will discuss the suggestion with the internal teams.”

Aware there is more functionality to try, Gulf Western Oil are looking to level up their customer experience by adding the eCommerce module into their sales mix. Chris says, “We want to allow our customers to check pricing and place orders by themselves.”

To those interested in seeing if ABM or Opmetrix could work for their business, Chris says, “The real way to test it is to trial it, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed”.

“There were no dramas integrating the Opmetrix program into the business as it coupled so well with ABM. When there’s an update in ABM, it updates in Opmetrix too. They’re very well in sync with each other, the integration is perfect."

Chris Bright National Product Manager

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