Matthew Evlampieff 29 November 2022 3 min read

The Four Things Successful National Sales Managers do Everyday

Being a National Sales Manager (NSM) means having to bring together a solid understanding of market conditions with deliberate strategic management of the team. Every national Sales Manager all over Australia and New Zealand are looking for current market conditions, and customer trends, helping their team meet customer’s needs and hitting targets!

1. Maintaining an insatiable desire for business data

A successful NSM knows that data delivered in real-time changes the way business is done. From how to approach new opportunities to managing budgets, field team productivity and watching stock movements. Having real-time data is essential to making informed decisions when they need to be made. Being able to respond to real-time challenges is what makes the difference. The end-of-month report just doesn’t cut it anymore.

2. Remain focused on empowering the team’s performance

Being able to lead, motivate and provide opportunities of growth for field and sales teams are vital for National Sales Managers to be successful. Managers need to know what the team are doing, what they must do, sales information and the quality of the customer experience. At Opmetrix, we work with hundreds of National Sales Managers across New Zealand and Australia who represent family-owned businesses all the way through to multi-nationals. Their feedback is that our 'Live Agent' feature is what they have been wanting – a real-time view of agents in the field: their routes, sales, activity, information and a way to better support them to win when they need it most.

3. Communicate across the team, regardless of their location

National Sales Managers live the challenge of managing a ‘team’ who may see each other only a few times a year. Getting team members supporting each other, sharing knowledge and communicating clearly with each other is a power multiplier of effort and a major point of difference for client outcomes.Having tools and easy channels of communication for collaboration, assists in elevating salespeople who are inherently competitive or who want to feel part of a team. With Opmetrix’s Field Management App each field agent is seamlessly connected to their company, head-office and teammates. Information can be shared, stored and referred to at any time. National Sales Managers can push out information such as new product brochures and notices with ease ensuring no one gets left behind.

4. Provide tools that are as good offline as online

National Sales Managers need their teams to do the best they can in the field, however, there are real challenges to productivity for agents when they are on the road. Successful National Sales Managers know they need to arm their field and sales teams with tools that truly have mobility at the heart of their design. It makes a major difference to team member’s productivity and job satisfaction.The ability to instantly view client details and documents or record new information from any device while on the go, cuts down on administrative time, prevents delays in business and confusion.

National Sales Managers have many issues to juggle and high targets to hit, however with the right technology tools in place, they can empower their teams to deliver.


About Opmetrix

Opmetrix is a leading provider of cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) for the consumer goods industry. Focussing on field team management, Opmetrix empowers field users with an intuitive mobile app that covers everything a rep needs to sell and merchandise in store including CRM, sales, surveys and retail execution whilst providing managers with real-time visibility and reporting to manage and optimise their team.