Helen Ross 10 May 2017 2 min read

Dictionary or shopping list: What does your customer actually want to know?

I think we’ve all heard the phrase “information is power” before. When it comes to keeping these chats with you on the Customer Success Tenets path, that’s most definitely true.


Today I thought I’d show you something that’s already available (but that you might not know about) to help keep that information train running full steam ahead.


Product Page PDF download


It’s always a balancing act between giving a customer enough information to help them make informed decisions, but not so much as to overwhelm them. The PDF download helps you keep that balance.


So what is it?


Conceptually it’s really simple: it’s a customised, PDF version of the product detail page.


So why should I care?


Because the kind of customer who is going to want a download is not the same kind of customer who is just browsing. And in the spirit of personalisation, we want to delight both.


A customer who is browsing (we’ll call them The Browser) will want the top-level information. They likely have a couple of key questions about a product and they want to get those answers as quickly as possible. They may also be checking out a few similar products – consider the Product Compare Widget to help these guys out.


Then you have the customer who is really doing their research about a specific product (we’ll call them The Investigator). These customers want to spend a little more time and really get a holistic view of what a product can offer.


So how do you go about providing the right kind of information to both The Browser and The Investigator without alienating either one? You offer the best of both worlds.


The PDF download uses a custom template that we create (and brand) based on your brief. Combine that with the deep PRONTO integration we all know and love, and we can include far more detail on this document than you generally display on the product page itself.


For The Browser, everything they want to know is already right there on the product page. They can get the titbits they need and get on with their day. For The Investigator, the product page tells them they’re in the right spot, and the PDF download gives them the in-depth detail they’re looking for. Most importantly, we service The Investigator without alienating The Browser.


Pretty neat huh?


Because we customise the PDF template for your website, we’ll need to have a quick chat with you on how we set this up using your specific branding and needs. But that’s ok, that’s what I’m here for!


Well that’s another coffee down and a Wednesday waiting to be conquered.


Until next time, Visionaries!