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Competing in the new game of B2B selling


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How B2B buyer expectations have changed and how you can respond

Now, more than ever, buyers expect a frictionless online experience.  The complex needs of B2B buyers means you need to get your head in the game when aligning your sales, marketing and eCommerce channel.

Join Commerce Vision's Strategic Advisor, Paul Munkley and Concentrate's Director, Greg Williamson for a webinar on how to compete and stay in top form in the ever changing game of B2B selling.

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We'll cover:

How B2B buyer expectations have changed in the last two years:

  • Buyers are in the driver's seat
  • Are digital savvy and equipped with a lot of information
  • Have an expectation of frictionless, omnichannel experience

How your company can get in the game:

  • Achieving good cadence across your sales, marketing and digital
  • Using commercially focused KPIs to focus on performance
  • Applying pragmatic planning to align these functions effectively
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Meet the panel

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Paul Munkley

Strategic Advisor at Commerce Vision


Greg Williamson

Director at Concentrate

Paul brings over twenty years of international experience to the Commerce Vision leadership team, positioned to guide Commerce Vision’s commercial growth and brand positioning in the Australian B2B eCommerce market   Greg is an experienced tech marketing professional with deep expertise in lead generation for B2B tech sales teams. Concentrate are experts in the HubSpot CRM platform
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