E8 - Behind the Scenes of B2B eCommerce

It’s apparent from the get-go that Bri Vernon-Cox is passionate about eCommerce! As eCommerce Manager for Bunzl Safety, Bri’s got an amazing wealth of knowledge and insight into the differences between B2B and B2C, and she really gets what makes B2B so special.

In episode 8, Andrew chats to Bri about her approach to customer care, essential B2B functionality like PunchOut, and her experience bringing the whole business along for the eCommerce ride. Covering topics like custom catalogues, order approvals, order tracking, and customised products, Andrew and Bri discuss the kind of rich online functionality that allows Bunzl to provide exceptional service and care to its customers.

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E7 - When B2B Goes D2C

As we’re all aware, COVID has turned the way we do business upside down. In episode 7, Andrew chats with Olivija van Heerwaarden, Marketing & eCommerce Manager at CWM Homewares, about her company’s experience on this rollercoaster.

Olivija shares her insights and explains how CWM have found technology and innovation to be key - not only in weathering the pandemic, but emerging even stronger than before. Virtual showrooms, clickable catalogues, and a robust eCommerce platform are the kind of tools that have allowed CWM to stay agile and connected to their customers.

But going from B2B to a D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) model isn’t as simple as you might think. Join Andrew as we discover the challenges of going D2C when your bread & butter is B2B!

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E6 - The Power of Automation

Sales order automation is not a new invention, rather, it’s the digitisation of an age-old process. There are countless B2B businesses out there with sophisticated eCommerce solutions who struggle to get some customers to order online. So what do they do? Pay someone to sit there punching orders into their back-end systems. Which naturally means slow processing times, human error, and costly returns.

Here’s where automation comes in. In Episode 6, we chat to Aaron Rasmussen about automated order processing solution, Lucy.
An AI-enriched application, Lucy is empowering businesses to transform their purchase order to sales order process, benefitting their cashflow, customer service levels, and cost-to-serve.

The journey with Lucy has also seen some surprises along the way… Join us for a behind-the-scenes look into the world of order automation.

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E5 - The Magical Intersect – Sales + Marketing + Digital

Let’s talk about the ‘holy trinity’ of commercial strategy – Sales, Marketing, and Digital.  A very important interplay exists between these functions in any business – and if not, it should!

This month Andrew draws on veteran strategist Paul Munkley’s experience with organisations that thrive (or DON’T) based on their approach to this all-important triangle. We also explore the critical role of business facets such as Culture, Cadence, Cameraderie, and KPIs. 

Join us for some fantastic B2B and B2C eCommerce insights.  

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E4 - eCommerce IS the New Normal

This episode emerged from a webinar that Andrew presented in conjunction with the Dialog Dynamics team here in Australia. Discussing the state of B2B eCommerce amidst COVID-19, Andrew paints a picture of a business landscape that seems to be evolving at a rate of knots. 

With eCommerce exploding in every corner of the globe, where does that leave B2B businesses who’ve been caught unawares? Is it too late to make a shift to digital? What aspects of eCommerce should you focus on?

Andrew also chats to Wroxton ('Rocky') Innes, Managing Director of Saddlery Trading Company. Rocky is uniquely poised to give an account of his experience - not only as a B2B Wholesaler / Distributor, but a B2C Retailer as well.

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E3 - CX – Your Keys to Customer Retention

  1. Are all customers created equal? 

  2. Should your best customers get an experience that’s a cut above everyone else’s?

  3. Are Marketing and CX actually the same thing? 

In Episode 3 we ask (and answer) all these questions and more. Andrew sits down with Danny Phillips from CX Consultancy Arkade about the ins & outs of Customer Experience.

COVID-19 has changed our online behaviour, presenting a perfect opportunity for businesses to step back and examine their CX strategy. Whether you're B2C or B2B, eCommerce is a critical piece of the CX puzzle, and can help you give your best customers the kind of experience they really deserve. Retention is often a much better investment than acquisition - and when it comes to retention, CX is the key.

Lots of excellent food for thought here!

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E2 - Email Marketing - Connect with Your Customers

Join Andrew as he talks with Jason Anderson, General Manager of Brisbane-based email marketing specialists, Andzen

In this episode you'll hear why email marketing is so well suited to both B2B and B2C eCommerce businesses. With a proven track record of increasing repeat customers, email marketing is an especially attractive option for organisations operating on more modest marketing budgets. 

It’s important to note that email marketing is not just about trying to sell to your customers and prospects. It's about nurturing them through their eCommerce purchasing journeys and engaging with them on a more personal level. Far from resembling the kind of ‘spam’ we all remember from the bad old days, today’s email marketing can make your customer feel like your brand is taking excellent care of them. 

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E1 - The Two Flavours of B2B

There’s B2B, there’s B2C, and that’s all folks. Right?
You might never have thought of B2B in terms of ice cream, but believe it or not, there are distinct flavours out there (luckily not 31 - more like two!)

In this, our kick-off episode, Andrew Rogencamp explains what the different flavours of B2B are, how to work out which you are, and why understanding the difference is so important.  

Your ‘B2B flavour’ can (or should!) affect every aspect of your customer’s experience:
1.       The way your website looks and its content
2.       The type of online functionality you offer
3.       The nature of your email marketing campaigns

You'll also learn why a B2B eCommerce website might not always net you more sales, but can still dramatically increase your revenue. Understand how a personalised online experience can beautifully integrate with ‘punch-out’ capability for purchasers. Hear examples of small businesses with very complex business rules that their eCommerce platform must cater for.

At the end of the day, no matter what flavour your business is, “if you make it customer-focused, you can’t go wrong.”

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