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Business Type: Distributor / Manfacturer

Business Requirement

K.W. Doggett turned to Commerce Vision in 2011 with a physical price book the size of a White Pages, and an idea. They wanted to bring the process of ordering online, while keeping the content rich feel of their current price book for their customers. With Commerce Vision's technical knowledge and willingness to think outside the box for the needs of their customers, it was a natural fit.

Focusing on creating a comprehensive online presence, together we came up with a solution that reduced cost to serve, reduced order turnaround times, and provided a deep integration to the Doggett ERP system.

Technology Solution

  • Customer Self service

    The application and logic engine that powers our Best Practice Design. Customer Self Service's supports companies' complex business processes and rules so that our customers' can drive deep customer online engagement and self service. Our Web User Interface that combines an easy to use but powerful CMS, Responsive design editor plus other tools to future proof your B2B and B2C eCommerce system.

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Now with over 400 customers online through pure organic uptake, and a well-established online platform Doggett have been able to extend their service offering without negatively impacting on staff workload, leading to even better customer experience.

As George Theoharis – IT Manager for Doggett - has said, “We have a partner we can work with knowing Commerce Vision has a future in this industry”.

As to the future, K.W Doggett and Commerce Vision continue to work closely on further projects and are both excited to see Doggett’s online business expand into the manufacturing space with the help of Commerce Vision’s solutions.

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