eCommerce providers with a B2C pedigree often think B2B simply means allowing customers to place orders on an account, rather than pay by credit card.


But Commerce Vision understands that B2B is far more complex than just B2C with some add-on account functions.

If you're running an ERP such as Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, Epicor, Pronto, SAP and others, you need a true B2B eCommerce order management system.  A true integrated B2B platform will handle each organisation’s unique business rules, technologies, integrations and behaviours.

Our platform supports what we believe to be mandatory B2B requirements, including:

  • With true integration to your ERP, our eCommerce platform pulls through all contract pricing, discount rules, and unit of measure pricing structures.

  • Customers always get the correct price for products - whether they complete the transaction via eCommerce or some other channel (Rep portal, for example).

A key differentiator for many suppliers - especially those dealing with enterprise customers in industries such as mining, government, and education.

PunchOut allows customers using ERPs such as Oracle, SAP or similar to punch out to your eCommerce platform to build an order, then return the cart contents seamlessly to their own purchasing system to complete the order process.

The resulting purchase order is then typically sent to you via EDI or perhaps even email, where it can be processed by automated order processing applications such as Lucy

Specified products can be hidden from all but a subset of users where required.

This could be based on contractual agreements with some of your customers, mandating certain products be available to their buyers only, and as such 'masked' from other customers using your eCommerce platform.

Our eCommerce platform supports online returns for the end user, whilst triggering the RA/credit note process at the backend.

Make the experience seamless for both you AND the customer.

Create online-only product catalogues on our eCommerce platform, which are independent of the global product offering.

These can be made visible to specified users only, or to a whole suite of accounts across your customer base. 

Leverage our eCommerce platform to customise your website content for your individual users. 

Base it on their account code, role, territory, login status, rep code, prior purchases, browsing habits and more.

  • Restrict order submission and/or invoice payment until authorisation by a designated user is given. 

  • Allow approvers to authorise via 1-touch email reply, or by logging into the website. 

  • Allow approvers to edit the order in question before approving, or reassign it to another approver in the organisation.

Allow your customers to check their balance and amount owing via our eCommerce platform, where they can pay (or part-pay) outstanding invoices and take up credit notes.

Customers can login to the platform and check the status of their orders at any time.

The eCommerce platform's order tracking functionality also offers delivery tracking with the freight carrier where applicable. 


True integration means that all stock and customer data can be sent back and forth seamlessly between back-end systems and the eCommerce website, with zero user intervention. 


  • Our eCommerce platform provides the flexibility to link users to multiple accounts, roles, and product catalogues. 

  • Our CMS is user-friendly and makes it easy for digital teams to administer users independently.

Use our CMS to create roles for users which can be used to determine their website menu structure, theme, order templates, minimum order charges, and more. 

Support varying freight requirements for different geographic areas, customers, or products. 

  • Restrict certain postcodes entirely or limit them to approved carriers only.

  • Handle freight calculations for bulky items, or cubic meterage charges.

  • Provide the user with an accurate freight quote at the point of checkout. 

  • Support store pickup / click & collect.

Ensure that a user can always find what they're looking for when they're on your eCommerce platform.

Yes, even if they're awful at spelling.


If your eCommerce order management solution doesn't offer all of the above, it's likely you're dealing with a retail-focused B2C online platform. Your B2B customers require more than just "add to cart".

We’ve been delivering sophisticated, comprehensive B2B functionality since 2001 and possess a deep understanding of the type of business transactions required in back-end systems. 

If you're looking for true B2B eCommerce, you've found it.


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