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Business Type: B2B and B2C

Business Requirement

Whilst Hart Sport has had a web and eCommerce presence coming up on 10 years, they turned to Commerce Vision in 2011 realising that their online channel was going to be critical to the company’s continued growth.

With a business spanning Australia and New Zealand, Hart Sport needed an enterprise level system that would handle the complexity of their business processes and business logic. A particular focus was paid to implementing a platform that could support complexities around product categorisation and freight rules.

The system also needed to provide a tight integration to their PRONTO ERP backend, and provide rich Self Service functionality to help them drive down their overall cost to serve.

Technology Solution

Customer Self service

The application and logic engine that powers our Best Practice Design. Customer Self Service's supports companies' complex business processes and rules so that our customers' can drive deep customer online engagement and self service. Our Web User Interface that combines an easy to use but powerful CMS, Responsive design editor plus other tools to future proof your B2B and B2C eCommerce system.

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Hart Sport have had year-on-year double digit growth in online sales since turning to Commerce Vision and their online channel supports the geographical and customer reach of their business.

With a strong focus on sport and its synergies to business, Hart’s Managing Director and founder Greg Harten is not one to rest when there are opportunities to improve their performance in sales and customer service.

In 2015 Hart Sport upgraded to Commerce Vision’s Best Practice Design (BPD) framework to support a fully responsive customer experience across mobile, tablet and PC users. They have also started to leverage the deep personalisation capabilities of the new CMS, which allows them greater agility over the look and feel of their site – with a more detailed ability to tailor this and specific business logic to certain customers and customer types.
So where do Hart Sport go from here? With Greg Harten and team’s focus on the business they will continue to work to improve their scorecard. Hart Sport has continued to engage with Commerce Vision’s and the Customer Success Program (CSP) on future improvements.

“Here at Hart Sport we treat business with the same attitude and obsession as our customers treat sport – we are focussed about staying ahead of the game through quality products, range and customer service. The web and our online channel is a key part of supporting our customers and we continue to work with Commerce Vision to play on.”
– Greg Harten

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