Fast-track your procurement cycles and transact more efficiently with your business partners – both buyers and suppliers.


Peer to Peer connection – no value-added network (VAN) required | Fast on-boarding
Comprehensive order tracking | Increased visibility | Centralised communications

Error reduction


For buyers:

  • Ability to send and receive documents electronically – improve accuracy, boost efficiency, save time and money.
  • Several supplier integration options mean fast on-boarding for 100% coverage of supplier transactions through TPN.
  • Fast enablement – a single protocol connects the buyer with all suppliers, no matter their various protocols.
  • Advanced order tracking includes all related documents – order changes, confirmations, shipping notices, invoices and more.


For suppliers:

  • Improved relationships – fully automated business processes allow you to concentrate on value-add activities which improve relationships with your customers.
  • Improved management – fast enablement with several options for managing transactions with your customers
  • Centralised communication – better collaboration with your customers

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